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Best Mobile Paint Party in Atlanta



Get Creative ATL is a mobile art studio, or pop up paint party, that turns any occasion into a unique and lively party.  What makes us different from the rest?  Atmosphere, Value, Personalization to your theme and the Convenience of us coming to you.  All ages and skill levels welcome.



Are you in charge of throwing a party or figuring out what to do on the next girls’ night out?  

This is your time to shine!  Do something fun, different, memorable.  How about your guests even get something to take home with them?  Sounds great, but you’re not sure where to begin?  That’s where Get Creative ATL can bring everything you need to throw a personalized event, wherever you want!


We provide mobile painting parties or pop up painting classes for everyone from kids to couples or for a ladies night out.  Woo Hoo! 


Need to throw a corporate function to create some team bonding? 

Painting on canvases brings about an atmosphere of creativity and social sharing.  Instead of canvas, how about wood cutout name plates, picture frames or something else unique to inspire the office through motivation art?  We can also do inspired painting projects that include a motivational element in the art.  This is perfect for both corporate settings and sports teams. 


Get Creative ATL strives to personalize each event so it’s custom tailored to create atmosphere, art and value for you!  Together we’ll have a fun-filled experience with your guests walking away with a keepsake masterpiece. 


We offer private events that range from corporate functions, social gatherings, kid's parties, holiday parties, team building, art therapy, motivational and fundraisers at the location of your choice.  Not only can you paint on canvases, but we also do wood cutout door hangers, picture frames, ornaments and many other crafts.  We strive to provide personalized events with a touch of atmosphere, at affordable prices with the added convenience of us coming to you.

Any occasion - any location - we come to you!  


Private parties at your office, home, community clubhouse, restaurant, park, etc. Contact us and we will put a unique twist on your next corporate function, backyard cookout, holiday party, birthday party, bachelorette party, etc.  Your group can paint on canvases, picture frames, wood cutout door hangers, ornaments, jewelry boxes and much more. 



The average cost for a private function is $30/person.

Typically there is a $300 minimum which includes 10 participants.  

If you have special circumstances or budget constraints, please

contact us directly.


*All pricing subject to change based upon date, location, craft type and number of attendees.